Tentative Class Session Schedule for 2017-18 

*Note: All times are Eastern Time

Lit 1:                   Mondays         11:00-12:00 PM      

Lit 2:                   Tuesdays        TBA      

Lit 3:                   Mondays        12:30-1:30 PM  

Lit 4:                   Tuesdays        TBA   

Advanced Lit:    Mondays       2:00-3:00 PM        


All courses include a weekly virtual class session that includes a brief lecture with slides and discussion period. Attendance at these live sessions is optional, but highly recommended. All class sessions will be recorded and made available the following day for students who cannot attend. Active participation (i.e., asking and answering questions) is encouraged during live class sessions, but not required. Participation will not affect a student's grade in the class. 

All courses will include a short, weekly comprehension quiz, two literary papers and two creative projects. Grades will be based on these assessments. We will also provide lots of supplemental links and material each week for those looking for more in-depth study.